Sunday, October 7, 2012

More Art!! :D

Another update! Huzzah!
Here is some of the stuff I've done this semester. Thus far, it's been pretty busy, but I plan to have a lot more on the way. I've been feeling a lot more productive recently than I ever have in the past, so I'm pumped to whip out some more finished art work. 

Some spot illustrations for my computer illustration class. Really wanted to play around with patterns and colors while still maintaining a flow and movement. All done in Adobe Illustrator. 

A personal project. There's some emotional meaning behind this, but nothing I really want to explain to anybody in particular. Another piece where I was really wanting to fool around with fun patterns and color. It's a quilt of handsssss! Ink and Photoshop!

Another personal work. This one is based off of a piece of Native American mythology I read over the summer that I kinda "adapted" or whatever. The mountain king mourning the loss of his daughter. Traditional and Photoshop.

Something I did for my illustration class. We had to design a billboard for a specific company. I chose a tea company. However, I took out the logo because I was unsure whether I was allowed to publish the online. I've been kinda struggling with a lot of things lately, so I wanted to make this something I'd really enjoy working on. So I kept it simple and just had fun with the linework and colors. I really did have fun working on it though. :) 

More to come!

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